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Hoops & Scoops is founded on the idea of ‘Sharing the Joy’. That is, sharing the joy of life: the joy of family, friends, activity and community. We make our favourite treats, donuts and ice cream, in all their varieties, using whole fresh ingredients in store every day to add joy to any occasion, from a daddy-daughter-date through to celebrations like birthdays, weddings, work functions. 

Any reason is a good reason to Share the Joy! 

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Dona and I (Marion) and our families have been friends for many years. I have been making donuts since the early ‘80s and through selling donuts over the years some of our children, friends and clubs would fundraise for camps and trips.

(Hoops&Scoops is as much about our families supporting their crazy mothers.)


We recognized an opportunity and when the time was right, Hoops&Scoops was born, to ‘Share the Joy’ on a commercial scale. Hoops&Scoops officially started from home in Pirongia 2016.


A fun food truck was soon added to go places and Real Fruit icecreams were sold from the truck along with our vintage Vanilla glazed and Cinnamon sugar donuts.

Making our own signature icecream (from scratch) was the next fun endeavour because we love icecream as much as donuts! There wasn’t enough room in the kitchen so in December 2017 we moved the business out of home and created the first Hoops&Scoops shop at Kihikihi. We were very excited to sell our own signature icecreams and sorbets, having made them fresh in-store.

Next, after a lot of work and trials (thank you GF friends!!) the Hoops&Scoops Gluten Free Donut Range was launched. This was a natural fit to compliment the Hoops&Scoops GF icecreams and GF/DF Sorbets already on offer.


Just as before, eventually we ran out of room in the Kihikihi Shop so moved to a ‘new-old’ shop in Te Awamutu during November 2019 to more comfortably accommodate shop activities, which is where we are today.


We have enjoyed the connection with customers and the wider community family, right from the time where fundraising donuts were first sold ‘back-in-the-day’ when the children sold donuts from the family farm gate. 


We invite you and your family and friends to ‘Share the Joy’ with us.


Dona and Marion

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